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Hasta Bananas

Hasta Bananas
Content and map
Welcome on bord
Panama Canal 1995
Penguins at the Equator
This is how "Hasta Manana" looks
Destination: Marquesas
Tahiti - Pearl of the South Seas?
Is Long Distance Sailing Really Fun?
Animals on Board: Pleasure and Sorrow
End of the "Coconut Milk Run"
Tonga Rally
Samoa - or Trapped in Paradise
On My Way as a Single-Hander
A Lesson in Melanesian Culture
Destination Australia
On Foot: Trekking in Tasmania
60 years Otti
Some More About the Starboat
Captivated by the South Seas
Black Justice
Vanuatu: Hemi namba wan gud ples
The Solomon Islands and back to Australia
The Coral Coast
ARC. and Tonga-Rally: List of Participants

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